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My Story

Where should I begin…?

Some of you may be here because you’re already familiar with my brands, but a lot of you are probably new and that’s okay.

I’m Dan, and since 2014, I’ve been in the business of creating digital media brands.

Wealthy Gorilla, Gaming Gorilla, and Jacked Gorilla are the major trio of my portfolio, and together they currently reach 5 million people worldwide every month.

Now, I’m not writing this short story to sell you on my brands, or even on myself.

There’s a reason why I’m here today.


Why Am I Here?

Since 2020, building, buying, and owning digital businesses has become mainstream. Everybody wants to work digitally, and everybody wants that elusive passive income. This has led to an enormous amount of misinformation being provided to young entrepreneurs wanting to build an income for themselves online.

How many “coaches”, “influencers”, and “social media entrepreneurs” have you seen trying to sell you their courses or personal coaching recently?

Here’s the truth:

The large majority of those “experts” have never built a successful business, digital or otherwise. The only business they have is taking your money and giving you useless, outdated, or ineffective advice in return.


What’s the Truth?

Building a digital business is not an overnight process, and even once you’ve ‘made it’, you’ll face a different set of challenges a lot more personal than before.

With money, comes responsibility.

With success, comes burnout.


What Do I Want to Show You?

I’m finally ready to simplify digital income and teach digital minimalism to young entrepreneurs coming up through the ranks.

With this, comes three main categories:



Since blogging is the core of how I built my income and initial wealth, this is the area where I have the most to give.

I know many people who’ve followed the journey of Wealthy Gorilla often reach out to get advice in this area.


Digital Income/Wealth

Anything that journeys outside of blogging, but is still important in the way of digital income, wealth, and finance.


Digital Minimalism

After suffering from burnout, stress, and anxiety, I began to realize the true importance of digital minimalism.

I’ve since distanced myself from social media, and taken steps to organize the digital side of my life.

If you own an online-based business, this will become incredibly important later down the line.


Wrapping this up

If you’re interested in learning more about digital income, blogging, and minimalism, you’re in the right place.

Everything I cover here comes from 15 years of experience making money online.

Stick around…