About Dan Western - Bali Indonesia


I created Wealthy Gorilla back in 2014, for a lot of different reasons.

When I was younger, I had trouble fitting in. I didn’t have the confidence to get my voice heard in groups, and as a result struggled to make friends. I was scared of trying new things in case I made mistakes and embarrassed myself, and I ultimately lived well inside my comfort zone. (Not a good thing).

Before creating this site, I ended a relationship with my first serious girlfriend, and felt a little lost as to what I was supposed to be doing with all my time.

…That’s when I found self-development.

Since then, I’ve been travelling the world, exploring new cultures, meeting new people, improving my health, and above all else, living life on my own terms. I’ve been to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, among many other countries, and still have a lot more on my list to visit!

I’ve even lived in a few of them.

I’ve been studying self-development, entrepreneurship and personal finance for the last 6 years. Wealthy Gorilla began with a passion to share my experiences within self-improvement, and it’s grown to a stage where I’ve become financially free.

Through the success of Wealthy Gorilla, I’ve invested in and added more brands to the ‘Gorilla’ empire, which you can check out towards the bottom of this page.

The point of this story, and my journey as a whole, is to enlighten people to just how much the world really has to offer. The possibilities for life are endless, and far too often, they are never explored because of fear, or disbelief.

So here I am, trying to grow Wealthy Gorilla into a worldwide platform that does exactly that. A platform that inspires millions of people around the world, not to give up on their dreams.

Who knows, maybe we’ll cross paths along the way…

“Let me tell you something – There’s so much more out there to experience! I want to be better. I want you to be better. We want to live, not just exist.”



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